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Online Jobs That Pay Hourly In 2022 (Earn 25$+ an Hour)

Are you looking for an online job that pays hourly and help you make good money in 2022? Read this article to learn about the abundant options of online jobs that pay hourly in 2022.

The past 3 years brought an economic downturn globally. Many employees from the corporate world either had to quit their jobs or had to step down from their current positions or many have been serving furloughs due to the pandemic situation. Due to cut-throat competition, employers, and employees both are finding ways to increase their income and cost-cutting strategies. Well, all these reasons significantly boosted the trend of opting for online jobs that pay hourly.

The idea of choosing online jobs that pay hourly in 2022 may not sound convincing to you, however, online jobs are the best source of income if you have skills. To maintain a good lifestyle, you must abreast yourself with the latest trending skills such as copywriting, Interpreter/translator, and graphic designing. Work from home jobs allows you to enjoy your life where you no longer must wake up early, get overly dressed up, get jammed in traffic, work excessively late hours, and earn too little with no appreciation.

Authentic online jobs whether part-time or full-time offer an implausible amount of flexibility, and while everyone loves to build their career abroad, you can do these online jobs from home. We live in the age of the internet, which enables us to enter the floodgate of opportunities. If you have just joined the club, this article will help you explore the options of online jobs that pay hourly in 2022. Let’s walk you through the best freelancing jobs that pay hourly more than $25.

5 Best Freelancing Jobs

The tide of work took its turn; there is no question about it. With all the uncertainty we faced over the past couple of years, no wonder people want to take control of their financial future. Consequently, freelance jobs are on many people’s minds. Many people are leaving their corporate jobs because online jobs offer the options that enable them to earn more than $25 per hour. You must wonder how a freelance online job can pay you more than a corporate job. No wonder, the world is evolving so is the job culture with each passing day.

The popularity of online freelance jobs has two attributes attached to it. First, the freelancers want to work on their own terms and conditions, which requires flexibility, and a sense of security that ensures, your career path is under your control. Due to the pandemic, there has been a massive shift towards hiring freelancers who can work on an hourly basis. Small businesses access freelancers with the required skills they don’t contain in-house.

Large-scale businesses and banks have also started using freelancers to expand their teams because it helps them avoid the time and resource-consuming process of recruiting, hiring, and training full-time employees. So, if you have been thinking to opt for a freelance career, you have come to the right place. Below mentioned are the best and most in-demand online jobs that pay hourly in 2022. If you have these skills, you can boost yourself to get some financial stability in your life.

Web Designer / Web Developer

Are you passionate about web design and development? Businesses, now can’t survive in the industry without having an online presence, therefore, web designers are high in demand. Businesses hire freelance webs designers who take up the responsibility of designing and creating a website, which fulfills the business requirements. Finding the best online job as a web designer or developer is hard due to cut-throat competition in the industry. However, if you abreast yourself with the latest trends, you can find yourself a great deal.

If you contain experience working with Joomla or WordPress, you can easily find jobs on Fiverr or Upwork, which can pay you a maximum of $25 an hour. However, if you are experienced and an expert in your field, you can register on Toptal.

Even if you are new in this niche, you must not worry. With little effort and dedication, you can find abundant experts’ tutorials for beginners on YouTube, or you can go to websites like Udemy and get help from its online courses. If you are wondering how much can a web designer or developer make hourly? As a newbie in the industry, you can earn up to $30 an hour. An experienced web designer or developer is earning a minimum of 75$ an hour currently.

SEO Jobs

Every website and app needs visibility on search engines to achieve a #1 ranking. A business can earn millions if ranked #1 on Google for competitive keywords. For this reason, employers make a huge investment in the hiring of SEO experts. Primary SEO experts work on a project basis; however, you can also work with your client on hourly-paid SEO jobs. If you are a beginner, you can earn $25 to $50 per hour.

In the hour of need, SEO has become a billion-dollar industry as several online businesses are looking to grow their rankings. If you are an SEO expert, you can help businesses fetch more traffic and convert the potential leads into sales. If you fruitfully show promising results with your SEO skills, you can have a portfolio, which will allow you to attract clients that will pay you no less than $100 an hour. Now, you must wonder where to look for SEO jobs online? There are numerous platforms, which offer you free registration and find work that matches your capability such as Guru, People per hour, Upwork, and Fiverr.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant’s primary job is to provide online services. As a virtual assistant, you can perform several tasks online including social media management, blog maintenance, writing, SEO, web designing, and email marketing. If you are a beginner and able to multitask, you can earn up to $50 an hour. Virtual assistant online jobs allow you to work in your own space, you only need to be a computer expert, approachable, and accountable.


The copywriters have only one job: to write a copy for marketing and advertising purpose of businesses. The responsibilities include ad copy, taglines, emails, articles, press releases, newsletters, and eBooks. If you contain SEO skills and a strong portfolio, you can leave a good impression on your client. These two attributes will enable you to fetch the highest hourly-paying job as a copywriter. Currently, a beginner copywriter can earn $25 an hour on average in the US, whereas, an experienced copywriter may earn up to $50 an hour.

Graphic Designer

You need a particular skill set and be extremely creative, but becoming a graphic designer is the ultimate online job that may be a good option for you. A graphic designer can earn $36 an hour on average. Graphic designers with a few years’ experience can find high-paying freelance jobs and can create innovative and visual materials for packaging, websites, ads, and films. If you have a strong portfolio, that would be the cherry on the top.

Online jobs that pay hourly


The corporate world these days is now pushing its boundaries to incorporate the idea of working from home and that too on an hourly basis. The companies offering work-from-home opportunities have so many privileges to offer their employees including time flexibility, better remuneration, and notably unconventional online office setup. As you know, the internet has a flood of opportunities, but there are some best work-from-home jobs, which pay off well like $25 an hour. This hourly pay rate is huge for beginners, however, if you could polish your skills and keep up with ever-changing technology and trends you can add as many zeros to this figure as you want.


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